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Unfortunately we no longer accept new stories. We have a back log of many stories but do not have time to publish them. If you still feel compelled to reach us you can do so via email. If you are a serious person and wish to buy this site or otherwise take the reins, please email and we can talk.

Note to those who are offended by this site:

We love your hatemail and laugh at it.

If you think servers who write these stories should get another job, maybe they should, but many won't.  So don't be a dick.  Your server could indeed be crazy.

If our site makes you not want to eat in a restaurant again, fine.  We know your type, and you don't belong there anyway.  We certainly eat out all the time, because we know how to act.

If our site encourages bad behavior by servers, we don't care.  How do they get away with all this stuff?  Bad management, of course.

The tired old idea that the word tip stands for "to insure promptness" is an urban legend. Don't be a moron: /acronyms/tip.htm