smallapronSue Your Restaurant  

Itís not illegal to be a dickÖ

But a dick is likely to do a lot of illegal things.  Watch for such behavior in your restaurant and get friendly with your state's fair labor practices board.  Contacting state agencies is not easy, I have learned, and you have to be both patient and willing to be assertive and to ask for much clarification.   Be forewarned: not all described offenses are illegal in all states; it's best to check with an attorney familiar with local labor law. 

If you are in a questionable situation, keep a detailed diary of the events.  Document, document, document!!!  Describe exactly what was said and done without inserting your emotions if possible.  Note any witnesses, and get these people's contact information in case they eventually quit.  Note instances of when you are reprimanded for something that others routinely get away with.  Get your friends to provide you with written testimony.  Don't let the bosses intimidate you, since restaurant jobs are a dime a dozen these days!